Movie Credits:

  • College Road Trip starring Martin Lawrence
  • Harold starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.
  • Notorious‟ featuring Derek Luke
  • A Perfect Holiday with Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, and Queen Latifah

Commercials Credits:

  • MasterCard
  • NYS Lottery


  • 2 Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations
  • 3 Emmy‟s as part of 30 Rock
  • Spin-off web series with NBC
  • Endorsement with Sean John: Big & Tall
  • National Spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation

30 Rock’s 7 Foot Star:
Grizz Chapman
Now in his 6th season on the Emmy Award winning sitcom, 30 Rock, Grizz has a recurring role as actor Tracy Morgan‟s sidekick aptly named „Grizz.‟ Continuing to grow as an actor is very important to Grizz who sees entertainment as a career path that has become as important to him as music. Although his size cannot be ignored, it is not the sum of his talent. Grizz has never been the “stereotypical big dude;” his life has never been one-dimensional, so his roles shouldn‟t be either.

Getting His Start: Raised in Brooklyn‟s Linden Projects, Grizz began his career working as club security/bodyguard. Grizz capitalized on this opportunity to use both his size and his ambition to his advantage to pursue his longtime interest in music, hoping to meet and network with musicians and other like minded people by being part of the club scene; while getting paid in the process. Soon his path would change.

Building His Resume: During a work-out with an aspiring wrestler friend, Grizz was approached by a casting agent and soon appeared on ESPN in a Korean wrestling special, which featured former football players and bodyguards. By this time, Grizz had worked with several entertainers, such as Missy Elliot, WyClef Jean, and Xzibit; NBA‟s Stephen Jackson; and comedian Katt Williams as a personal bodyguard, while continuing private club security during intervals.

After suffering from hypertension for 13 years, Grizz experienced End Stage Renal Failure in 2008. Undergoing dialysis three times a week, Chapman – who once weighed 505 lbs. – shed the necessary 160 lbs. to be eligible for a kidney transplant in 2010. Chapman recently formed Team Grizz, which regularly participates in walkathons in support of the National Kidney Foundation, including walks around the country in 2011, and works to raise awareness and funds to fight kidney disease.

To pursue his lifelong passion with music, Grizz started Dyman Enterprises in 2008, an entertainment company focused on music production, artist development, and recently launching into model management. Along with representing Grizz, Dyman Enterprises also represents a variety of new talent coming out in the near future.

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